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Show 31 – Ellen Briggs & Pete Berner

By September 11, 2020 September 27th, 2021 No Comments

Ellen Briggs is an author, comedy writer, and professional MC but where she is most at home is on the stage doing stand up comedy.

Ellen regularly performs as a comedian and MC at venues all over Australia, and has created a stand up comedy show called Women Like Us with fellow comedian Mandy Nolan that they tour all over Australia to packed houses and rave reviews.  They set out to take a high quality stand up show into regional areas for audiences who often don’t get any entertainment, and four years later and over 140 shows down, the show is more in demand than they ever imagined. In 2018 they released their co-authored book,” Women Like Us” which needed a reprint in the first week!  The pair have now started producing shows featuring other women under the Women Like Us banner to extend the reach that their successful brand has all over Australia and to further the opportunities for female comics in regional centres.

Pete Berner is a giant of a man. Having successfully resisted the urge to climb Everest instead spending his time crafting words into humour, largely without oxygen.

BackBerner, The Einstein Factor and Triple M breakfast show The Cage are vague memories for a lot of people and Pete has well spent any money he made from them.

But it is live performance where Pete is most at peace.

He is an Aquarian who is largely ambivalent to long walks on the beach.