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Show 24 – Steve Philip & Sean Woodland

By September 20, 2019 October 13th, 2019 No Comments

Starting out on an acting career, Steve Philip starred in kids’ stage shows such as Barney the Dinosaur and Blinky Bill as well as working with The Wiggles on The Dorothy the Dinosaur show and quickly found kids to be on his level of intelligence.

Steve then moved into stand-up comedy and made the finals of competitions such as Triple J Raw and Green Faces and then quickly moved on the road touring the country for the last eight years with comedians such as Carl Barron, The Umbilical Brothers, Adam Hills and a number of international acts such as Arj Barker and Paul Provenza.

More recently Steve has been revving up and humouring TV studio audiences as the warm-up guy for TV Shows such as Ch 10’s Ready Steady Cook, Ch 7’s Battle of The Choirs, Ch 10’s hit So You Think You Can Dance and Ch 9’s NRL Footy Show.

Sean Woodland has been a part of the Australian comedy scene for more than 10 years. During his career as a stand-up comedian, Sean has not only earned worldwide acclaim but also won the hearts of the audience wherever he has performed. His cleverly constructed jokes and unabashedly satirical punch lines will resonate in your memory for a long time. His acid tongue and razor-edged wit have few parallels. Armed with a formidably extensive and diverse life experience, Sean knows more ways to make you laugh than many other comics.