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Show 18 – Hamish Hudson & Peter Berner

By June 20, 2019 October 13th, 2019 No Comments

Hamish Hudson is known for his sharp wit and bent views on Australian life. As one the country’s top musical comedians, he has the ability to take you on a delightful journey from world class song writing to the cheekier-side of profanities. Hamish’s music is clever, simple, poignant and everything non-pc, leaving audiences wanting more and singing his ridiculously ear worming lyrics for days. His refreshingly honest persona, musicality and hilarious take life culminate in a show not to be missed.

Pete Berner is a giant of a man. Having successfully resisted the urge to climb Everest instead spending his time crafting words into humour, largely without oxygen. BackBerner, The Einstein Factor and Triple M breakfast show The Cage are vague memories for a lot of people and Pete has well spent any money he made from them. But it is live performance where Pete is most at peace.
He is an Aquarian who is largely ambivalent to long walks on the beach.