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Show 14 – Paul McMahon & Mick Meredith

By March 22, 2019 October 13th, 2019 No Comments

Hailing from the Byron Bay Shire, Paul Mcmahon finds laughter through an exposition on the hypocrisy of hippies and the faults with our food amongst other things. He shines a lazy light of truth on all that we have to deal with in our floundering first world. Paul is an insightful and hilarious act who lets a tight weave of comedic jabs fly through every microphone.

 With over a quarter century on stage Mick Meredith is part joke teller and part guitar slinging song monster.  Mick’s shows are a rapid-fire comical commentary of stories, songs, gags and guitarings.

Mick began his musical to comedy journey at the legendary Sandringham Hotel, Newtown in the 80’s playing in rock bands before switching to comedy in the 90’s. Micks’ ability to entertain any audience from teens up to nans & pops is something not every comic can do and surely proves what a versatile act he truly is.