Live Comedy is Back!!!!!!

It’s been a loooong 6 months between comedy shows but we are so excited to announce that our November show will be featuring Anthony ‘LEHMO’ Lehmann (aka Jim from Stan/ABC’s Utopia) and returning Orange legend Steve Philp who carved it up last time. That’s why we invited him to return. After the postponement of our June show they are both PUMPED and ready to go.

Steve Philp & LEHMO

Friday 12th November 6.30pm & Saturday 13th November 8.45pm

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We have had a really amazing start to 2021 with our Comedy Shows.

Look at the amazing talent that we have had perform at our little café. It’s because you keep turning up Orange, that we can continue to bring you the big names to our beautiful community.

But its not over yet. We are looking to mid-November when we will open back up again and continue to have more talent coming for our November and December shows to really cap off the year with some quality performances.

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Thankyou once again for supporting our comedy nights, it is something we continue to be very proud of and look forward to seeing you again.

Kind Regards,

Nick & Ruby Gleeson
Factory Espresso Comedy

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